I didn't just wake up one day able to make art with wood. I had a lot of help, and I want to share the credit, and also give you some links to help you if you're making the same journey.

Scroll Saw Magazine: This was my first magazine subscription in about 10 years...and it was a good one! Not only is the magazine a great help, and source of many of the patterns you see in the gallery, but the forums are also full of very helpful people.

Flying Dutchman Blades: Sold at Mikes Workshop, these are definitely the blades to use.

Irvin's Sawmill and Gallery of Wood: Ed's sawmill is about an hour away, but when I really need some special lumber, it's worth the trip. I still ooh and ahh over the Orange Osage I purchased last year. Ed was also the only one who would take our oak logs and mill them up for us, so now many of my art pieces contain wood harvested from my own backyard! Being able to do things like this is what I love that about living here.

Kathy Wise: For her inspiring intarsia artwork often shown in Scroll Saw Magazine, and her book on intarsia.

Steve Good's Scrollsaw Workshop: For some great patterns (the anniversary memento came from there, a great blog, and wonderful videos demonstrating different techniques. He makes it look so easy that you just want to try it yourself. As it turns out, it's not as easy as he makes it look...

Carole Rothman: I love her book on making bowls, and her positive, determined attitude. I think I like making bowls the most, and she has been a great help in learning how.

Suzanne Winter: Suzanne is incredibly gifted as a photographer, and an inspiration as a self-made entrepreneur.